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The bigger, the bigger

Australians love big things. It is unknown what is behind this, but every tourist visiting Australia is guaranteed to hear about The Big Banana, The Big Lobster and The Big Pineapple. Some think that this obsession with large sculptures can be explained by the scale of the country. However …

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Vegemite is the traditional Australian spread. Starting from kindergarten Australian children regularly eat sandwiches with this very healthy product. It was created in Melbourne by the chemist Cyril Callister, when he was working for the “Fred Walker Cheese” company. High quantities of group B vitamins in the yeast-based spread …

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Australian Flag

The flag is, by right, considered to be one of the country’s main symbols. Australia, being a relatively young country, gained its national symbol in 1901, following the formation of the Australian Federation on January the 1st of that year. On the 1st of January the unification of Australian …

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