Melbourne Most Popular Tours in 2024
Exploring Melbourne, Australia, and its surrounding areas offers a variety of experiences that cater to every type of traveller, from wine aficionados and foodies to nature lovers and adventure seekers. The diversity of tours available allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty, culture, and flavors of Victoria’s most captivating landscapes and destinations. Here, we […] ...
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Melbourne snow tours title image
Melbourne Snow Tours
Discover the wonders of winter with Melbourne Snow Tours, your gateway to the most magical snow experiences near Melbourne. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of skiing and tobogganing or looking for a gentle introduction to snow fun for the kids, we have the perfect destinations for you. Lake Mountain Snow Experience is the ideal setting […] ...
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The flag is, by right, considered to be one of the country’s main symbols. Australia, being a relatively young country, gained its national symbol in 1901, following the formation of the Australian Federation on January the 1st of that year. On the 1st of January the unification of Australian colonies came into effect, but the […] ...
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Vegemite is the traditional Australian spread. Starting from kindergarten Australian children regularly eat sandwiches with this very healthy product. It was created in Melbourne by the chemist Cyril Callister, when he was working for the “Fred Walker Cheese” company. High quantities of group B vitamins in the yeast-based spread were meant to be quite beneficial […] ...
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Australians love big things! It is unknown what is behind this, but every tourist visiting Australia is guaranteed to hear about The Big Banana, The Big Lobster and The Big Pineapple. Some think that this obsession with large sculptures can be explained by the scale of the country. However it is quite possible that this […] ...
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Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island in one day
Tourist Attractions
Among the most popular tours around Melbourne, two are particularly notable – a drive along the Great Ocean Road and a visit to Phillip Island Here we discuss the best way to complete these trips. ...
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