Great Ocean Road Express Private Tour

1-6 people
AUD 799 per group
7-10 people
AUD 899 per group
11-24 people
AUD 1090 per group
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Embark on an unforgettable journey along one of Australia's most picturesque routes with the Great Ocean Road Express Private Tour. Designed for travelers seeking a more intimate and flexible experience, this tour highlights the majestic coastal landscapes, unique wildlife, and iconic landmarks that define the Great Ocean Road.
From the historic Split Point Lighthouse to the serene beauty of Apollo Bay, our expertly crafted itinerary ensures a memorable adventure, complete with personalized touches and the convenience of starting from Melbourne. Discover the natural wonders and hidden gems of this iconic route in comfort and style.
Tour Code: M31

Inclusions and Highlights

Touring vehicle with English speaking professional driver guide
Pick-up and drop-off at Melbourne Station Pier or your address in Melbourne metropolitan area
Fully customisable tour along the coast up to 8 hours

Price includes

  • Pre-booked itinerary optimised in terms of travel time and your preferences.
  • Professional, Experienced and Industry Accredited Driver-Guide.
  • Fuel, tolls and parking costs.

Not included in the itinerary and price

  • Lunch cost
  • 12 Apostles lookouts

General Itinerary

Depart from your address in Melbourne metropolitan area

Split Point Lighthouse and Eagle Rock

Perched proudly in Aireys Inlet, Split Point Lighthouse offers expansive coastal views at the lantern room ($10 per person charge). But the true gem lies southeast: Eagle Rock. This towering limestone stack, sculpted by the same forces that carved the 12 Apostles, shares their geological history and awe-inspiring presence. Gaze upon its weathered surface and dramatic silhouette, a reminder of the earth's enduring story etched in stone. Stand atop the lighthouse, breathe in the vastness, and let the timeless beauty of Eagle Rock linger long after you descend.

Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch

The Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch stands as a must-see landmark, marking the meeting point of the Pacific and Indian oceans near Split Point Lighthouse. Before reaching the lighthouse, visitors have the opportunity to capture memorable photos at this iconic arch, commemorating the road's significance and scenic beauty.

Teddy’s Lookout

At Teddy's Lookout, marvel at the spectacular panorama where the Saint George River meets the Southern Ocean. This vantage point, nestled along the Great Ocean Road, offers a unique perspective of Australia's rugged coastline, with its rolling hills, dense forests, and the expansive ocean stretching into the horizon. It's a serene spot for reflection, photography, and soaking in the natural beauty of the region. A visit here encapsulates the essence of the Great Ocean Road's scenic wonder, making it an essential stop on your journey.

Between Lorne and Apollo Bay
The Great Ocean Road between Lorne and Apollo Bay is considered to be the most picturesque section of the entire route. This 40-kilometer stretch of road winds its way along the coast, offering stunning views of the Southern Ocean, towering cliffs, and hidden beaches.

Kennett River: koalas in the wild

Kennett River on the Great Ocean Road is a serene haven where visitors can spot koalas in their natural habitat. This area provides a unique opportunity to observe these iconic Australian marsupials lounging in eucalyptus trees along the scenic route. It's a peaceful spot that allows for an intimate encounter with wildlife, making it a highlight for nature lovers and photographers eager to see Australia's native species in the wild.

Stop for Fish and Seafood lunch in Apollo Bay

Enjoy a delightful seafood lunch in Apollo Bay, a picturesque seaside town renowned for its fresh, local catch. This culinary stop offers a taste of the region's best flavors, with restaurants overlooking the ocean, providing a perfect backdrop to savor a meal. Apollo Bay is not just a feast for the palate but also a visual treat, making it a memorable part of the Great Ocean Road experience.

The way back to Melbourne will take about two and half hours and will pass along the internal highway

Christmas, Easter holidays and Chinese New Year options:

During the Christmas and Easter holidays and during the Chinese New Year, we can make this trip in the opposite direction. That is, start by visiting Apollo Bay and then travel along the Great Ocean Road in the direction of Melbourne. This will save time and let you visit the most popular places at a less busy time of the day. You will see all the same sights, but with fewer people there. We can discuss the exact details of the itinerary when you book the trip.

Let's go!Great Ocean Road Express Private tour

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1-6 people
AUD 799 per group
7-10 people
AUD 899 per group
11-24 people
AUD 1090 per group
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