Australians love big things!


It is unknown what is behind this, but every tourist visiting Australia is guaranteed to hear about The Big Banana, The Big Lobster and The Big Pineapple. Some think that this obsession with large sculptures can be explained by the scale of the country. However it is quite possible that this is just an attempt to create a tourist attraction from scratch. The giant purse lies in the Melbourne downtown, not far from Coffs Harbour stands The Big Banana and The Big Milkshake Container in Tongala, Victoria There are also the The Big Gold Panner, The Giant Worm in Bass, Victoria, as well as The Big Cigar in the town of Churchill, named after Winston Churchill.


Then there are also The Big Wine Cask, The Big Mosquito in Hexham, The Big Cow in Nambour and, of course, the national legend depicted in The Big Ned Kelly.


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