Phillip Island Penguin Parade Private Tour

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1 - 6 people AUD 749
7 - 10 people AUD 799
11 - 24 people AUD 899

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This is a full-day Phillip Island private tour, take a walk in a wildlife park amongst traditional Australian animals and see a penguin show at the conclusion of the day. In the rays of the setting sun, a huge number of little penguins will come out of the roaring surf and, shuffle their little feet, cross the beach on their way to their burrows to be greeted by hungry chicks.

But let’s start from the beginning!

In the morning, you will be picked up from the hotel in the city centre and on a comfortable minibus, you will go towards Phillip Island, located 140 km from Melbourne.

Main stops we do on the Phillip Island Penguin Parade Private tour:

Maru Koala and animals wildlife park

A Maze’N Things

Nobbies centre and local winery

Phillip Island Penguin Parade

A visit to Maru Koala and animals wildlife park

The visit to the island will begin with a visit to the Maru Koala and animals wildlife park, where unique Australian endemics live in natural conditions. You will have the opportunity to observe the koalas up close, take photographs, and learn the details of their lifestyle. You will also have the opportunity to feed kangaroos and closely see other Australian animals: Emu, Dingo, Wombat, Tasmanian Devil and others.

Upon crossing the bridge connecting Phillip island and the mainland, you will find yourself in places where you will come across plenty of surprising discoveries.

Visit A Maze’N Things

No visit to Phillip Island is complete without a trip to A Maze’N Things. It is an exciting world of magic, optical illusions, mazes and puzzles that will entertain, intrigue and amuse for hours. In Puzzle Island you will experience world-first activities that will have you roaring with laughter or scratching your head in disbelief. Magic Manor has amazing interactive magic displays, astounding illusions, mysterious caves, flying chandeliers and lots more.

Cape Nobbies and local winery

After regaining strength from lunch, you will visit the local wineries where you can taste local wines. Then, on the way to the parade of penguins, you will visit Cape Nobbies, inhabited by a colony of seals and many wild grazing wallabies.

Visit Phillip Island Penguin Parade

At sunset, you will be taken to Summerland Beach, which is home to thousands of colonies of little Fairy Penguins. These wonderful creatures leave each day to sea on a fishing trip to come back in the evening with food for their chicks. Coming out of the waves of the sea, in small groups, they traverse the beach to their nests. This show gathers millions of viewers annually. After about an hour the bulk of the penguins safely cross the beach and get to their nests. This unique event was called the Penguin Parade. For tourists watching the parade, park rangers built special viewing stands and boardwalks so people would not scare these little creatures. You will be able to watch these birds from almost arm’s length away.

Once the show is over, you will be delivered back to Melbourne.

There are several options of places from where you are able to view the Parade:

  • The Penguin Parade General admission ticket.
  • Penguin Plus – a tribune positioned closer to the beach shore, where the penguins can be seen better and closer.
    Underground Viewing – limited to a maximum of just 70 people, this world-first facility gives you the chance to watch the Little penguins waddling along the Penguin Parade’s most popular pathway. Enjoy up-close viewing of the Little penguins in their natural habitat through an underground viewing window, with the comfort and convenience of being indoors.
  • Guided Ranger Tour – limited to a maximum of just 10 people, you will join the ranger guide for an informative journey through the penguin colony, enjoying their commentary via your personal headset. Take your seat in the wonderfully located beachfront viewing stand offering superb viewing of the penguins emerging from the water and crossing the beach. Use the supplied binoculars to try and spot the penguins gathering in the water before they make their way across the beach to their burrows. Commentary delivered in English only. Minimum age 12 years.

Private tour to Phillip Island prices:


Admission Price (Adult/Child)
Private tour 1-6 people $749
Private tour 7-10 people $799
Private tour 11-24 people $899
MARU Koala and animals park $30/$16
A Maze ‘N Things museum $39/$26
The Penguin Parade general admission $27.7/$13.7
The Penguin Parade PLUS admission $65.0/$32.5
The Penguin Parade Underground Viewing $75.0/$37.5
The Penguin Parade Ranger Guided Viewing $88.0/$N/A


Penguin Parade

Inclusions and Highlights

  • touring minibus with English speaking guide
  • bottled water along the way
  • wine testing (adults only 18+)
  • hotel pick-up
  • drop-off back to Melbourne at your hotel
  • Exclusions

  • Penguin Parade tickets
  • MARU Koala and animal park tickets
  • A Maze'N Things attraction tickets

Tour schedule:

  • Daily, pick-up at 10.00 am
  • Tour is available on a daily basis
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