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Experience Melbourne like never before and discover the hidden gems this beautiful city has to offer. Enjoy exploring this charming city with Melbourne private tour guides.

You won’t have to worry about prescheduled tours, wasting time at destinations that do not interest you or having to catch up with the tour group.

With a lot of flexibility and cooperative staff, planning the perfect tour is all in our hands. A private tour offers you all the luxuries you need to enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable trip.

By choosing one of a Melbourne private tours, you get to book your trip the way you like and plan it in a way which suits you the most.
Are you more of a Nature lover?
Maybe you want to explore the historical side?
Or maybe you want to check out the tasty cuisine?
Communicate with your private tour guide and let him make this trip special for you.

The benefits you get by choosing Melbourne private tours:

  • A tailored trip with stops where you want
  • You choose and change the beginning and end of the tour
  • You decide to make changes to the tour during the tour itself
  • You stay longer or leave a location earlier than the planned time
  • A car or a bus suitable for the number of members in your family or party
  • Reasonable price comparable with the cost of a public tour for a group of four or more people

with any private tour
your same day airport transfer
is free

Enjoy your vacation

Enjoy the numerous benefits of choosing to plan your vacation with Melbourne private tours. This is your personalized trip.

  • Not only will you get to enjoy a personalised trip but you can stop wherever you want, whenever you want!
  • You don’t have to follow boring and restrictive standard tour plans
  • You can choose and even change the beginning and end of the tour and decide if you want to make any shifts in the tour before, or even during the trip itself!
  • Choose to stay longer at any location that you enjoy, or leave a place earlier than planned if you do not like it that much.

Enjoy the luxury of planning your trip and giving us the task of making all the arrangements!

Book your vacation trip to
Melbourne with us

Booking your trip is as easy as one-two-three.
Just visit our booking page and fill out your basic details.
Contact Bilbytravel to specify your requirements for a tour guide and let them know how much
interaction you require with the guide. Bilbytravel will ensure that your trip will be a memorable,
hassle-free and exciting one.
After booking a private tour in Melbourne, you will
Experienced, professional and friendly guide
A comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
And of course free bottled water
Free on the tour day airport transfer
We will meet you at Melbourne airport as soon as your flight lands, and will take you to your
hotel right away to allow you to freshen up!


Leon, Singapore. Tripadvisor, OCT 2018

My family and I went on a day trip to the Great Ocean Road, and Daniela was our guide. She was so friendly and entertaining, and was able to share plenty of information about the sights, as well as great stories. She truly made the experience lively and fun throughout the long drive.

Andrew, London, UK. Tripadvisor, AUG 2018

Richard did an amazing job! Travelling in Melbourne in the winter is not without risk. We decided to take the plunge and spend a day travelling the Great Ocean Road. Richard was our guide / driver and did an outstanding job! The day surpassed our expectations. Despite the variable weather, we witnessed the coast line at its best, largely due to Richard’s expertise and navigation. A long but very worthwhile day. Highly recommended.

Eugene D, CT, USA, Tripadvisor FEB 2018

We recently completed a private tour of the Great Ocean Road given by Max. Max met us at the cruise terminal dock on time at 6:30 am to begin our drive out of Melbourne before morning traffic. Max, being an experienced guide did the tour "backwards" to avoid tour busses taking the conventional route. This tactic saved time and avoided tour buses with their hordes of people. This alone was worth the investment. The tour itself was wonderful. Max has encyclopedic knowledge of the Great Ocean Road and explained the sites to whatever detail we wished. He was engaging and had a sense of humor. There are too many spectacular sites to mention along the Great Ocean Road the Bilby brochure covers them all. Being a private tour Max will customize the stops, including lunch and bio breaks to the clients desires. Do not hesitate to ask. I cannot more highly recommend the Bilby Great Ocean Road Private tour. Skip the expensive ships tour and contact Max. He will be happy to serve you. Finally, thanks to Max for finding my wife's Fit Bit in the back of the car and mailing it back to her. That's great service. Recommendation -- do not hesitate to go !

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A private tour guide is the best for your journey!

There is so much to explore in this diverse destination and our tour guides here at Bilbytravel are the best to show you a fantastic time.

  • Our well-mannered and extremely friendly tour guides will always greet you with a smile and accompany you wherever you like.
  • Allow them to take some memorable pictures of you and your family and even share some fascinating stories about Melbourne famous attractions.
  • Our tour guides know all the best locations for food, so count on them to make every meal special. Considering your special requirements like vegetarian food or special cousins.
  • Our tour guides well informed on the Australian history and they know many magical secrets this city has. Allow them to share these valuable pieces of information with you.
  • By booking your trip with our outstanding tour guides, you can avoid crowded tourist spots and hectic stopovers.
  • Our tour guides understand when you need some alone time, so feel free to let them know when you need some privacy.

Max Bilbytravel guide
Max Bilbytravel guide
Michael Bilbytravel guide
Michael Bilbytravel guide
Rely on our tour guides to find the best location for you.
Bilbytravel allows you the luxury of booking yourself a private tour. With an experienced and friendly guide on your side, you can easily plan the perfect trip to Melbourne according to your comfort and ease.
Enjoy a hassle-free vacation with a schedule plan catered to your needs and with some of
the best guides in the city!
a private tour
is very simple

Click the “BOOK PRIVATE TOUR” button, take one minute to fill out the booking form and we will help you choose the best program for you.