Melbourne Private Tours

A private tour – what could be better for your journey!

The benefits you get by choosing Melbourne
private tours:

  • A tailored trip with stops where you want
  • You choose and change the beginning and end of the tour
  • You decide to make changes to the tour during the tour itself
  • You stay longer or leave a location earlier than the planned time

Bilbytravel allows you the luxury of booking yourself a private tour. With an experienced and friendly guide on your side, you can easily plan the perfect trip to Melbourne according to your comfort and ease. Enjoy a hassle-free vacation with a schedule plan catered to your needs and with some of the best guides in the city!

from AUD 599
*private group 1-7 people

Enjoy the numerous benefits of choosing to plan your vacation with Melbourne private tours. Not only will you get to enjoy a personalised trip but you can stop wherever you want, whenever you want! You don’t have to follow boring and restrictive standard tour plans. You can choose and even change the beginning and end of the tour and decide if you want to make any shifts in the tour before, or even during the trip itself! Choose to stay longer at any location that you enjoy, or leave a place earlier than planned if you do not like it that much . Enjoy the luxury of planning your trip and giving us the task of making all the arrangements!

After booking a private tour in Melbourne, you will receive an experienced, professional and friendly guide, a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle, along with free bottled water. You also get the perk of free on the tour day airport transfer. We will meet you at Melbourne airport as soon as your flight lands, and will take you to your hotel right away to allow you to freshen up!

with any private tour
your same day airport transfer
is free

Book a private tour to any of the diverse locations Victoria has to offer. These popular destinations will make your trip worth the while. Our personal favourite is the Great Ocean Road tour which will give you the breath-taking experience of enjoying the stunning ocean road along with the beautiful rock formations- The Twelve Apostles.

Many guests also enjoy the private wine tours in Yarra Valley. Book a private tour from Melbourne, to enjoy the rural Australian life, try the local wines and eat an excellent lunch or dinner in one of the numerous local Australian restaurants. Either if you are a wine connoisseur, or you just want to enjoy the pleasant country life of rural Australia, this private tour is a great experience .

By choosing one of a Melbourne private tours, you get to book your trip the way you like and plan it in a way which suits you. With a lot of flexibility and cooperative staff, planning the perfect tour is all in our hands. You won’t have to worry about prescheduled tours, wasting time at destinations that do not interest you or having to catch up with the tour group. A private tour offers you all the luxuries you need to enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable trip.

Booking a private tour is very simple. Click the “Book Private Tour” button, take one minute to fill out the booking form and we will help you chose the best program for you.
Your private tour is ready to go!

Most Popular Private Tours

The Great Ocean Road is rightly considered to be one of the most picturesque ocean roads in the world. The culmination of your trip will be visiting another of Australia’s icons – The Twelve Apostles
Treat yourself to some sybaritic delights in one of the most popular tours in the Melbourne area. Enjoy the unforgettable views and wonderful wines of the Yarra Valley

customers review

Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Rd, Phillip Island and Mornington Peninsula

Our family of 12 took this 4-day BilbyTravel tour to The Great Ocean Road, Dandenong ranges and Yarra Valley, Phillip Island and Mornington Peninsula. It was a wonderful and enjoyable experience for us as this is our first visit to Melboure. Neil our guide/driver was excellent, knowledgeable and a safe driver as well. He gave detailed explanations along the way and was able to spot birds, kangaroos and wallabies in the bushes that really excited the kids. He gave us more breaks along the way to accommodate our stress-free and relaxing tour. Although each tour (9-14hrs) was long and hectic for the kids but Neil had paced perfectly and we were also fortunate they had provided us a big coach meant with 19 seats for our small family thus making our long return trip back to Melbourne much more comfortable. We appreciate the good personalized service given by the tour operator prior to our tour departure. Overall our family had a fantastic and memorable time in Melbourne.

Angela Vas, Melbourne, Australia. Yarra Valley tour. Oct'15

The tour was very well organised. From the initial enquiry right through to the day of the tour everything was planned and communicated well. Thanks Max & Michael for the wonderful organisation, the team and myself had a wonderful day and it was beyond what we expected. Will definitely use your services in the future. Thank You!

Andrea Hill, Atlanta, Georgia

We spent a great day on the Great Ocean Road with Max, a guide from Bilbytravel. We got lucky with the weather and our guide, the weather was sunny, warm and pleasant, our guide was perfect too. There was a mass of very interesting information, facts, the history of Melbourne, and Australia as a whole. Everything was very fun and interesting, I recommend everyone tries it! Andrea Hill, Atlanta, Georgia

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